January 24, 2022 ERB Meeting

The City of New Orleans Ethics Review Board will meet on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 3:30 P.M. The board will conduct this meeting via Zoom Video Conference and Telephone Conference.

Zoom Video Conference Info

Video Conference Link: https://loyno.zoom.us/j/5049753263

Telephone Conference Dial-In Number: 312-626-6799; ID No. 504 975 3263

Certification of Necessity pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statutes section 42:17.1: The board hereby certifies that the Governor of the State of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency or disaster involving the geographic area of the City of New Orleans. The governor’s most recent extension of this state of emergency is available here: 235 JBE 2021 State of Emergency.pdf (louisiana.gov).

A live meeting would be detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of the public and the members of the Ethics Review Board. The agenda contains matters that are critical to continuation of the business of the Ethics Review Board and are not able to be postponed to a live meeting due to a legal requirement or other deadline that cannot be postponed or delayed by the Ethics Review Board. The public can attend and participate in the videoconference meeting by joining the conference by telephone or videoconference as described above. In addition, public comment prior to the meeting can be provided via email address erb@nolaerb.gov.


  1. Regular Business
    • Ratification of certification of necessity for videoconference/teleconference meeting (Chair).
    • Approval of minutes of five (5) previous board meetings (Chair).
    • Discussion of 2021 Peer Review of ERB.
    • Change of date of June 20, 2022, meeting for Juneteenth Holiday.
    • Discussion of monthly report from the Office of Inspector General (Chair).
    • Discussion of monthly report from the Office of Independent Police Monitor (Chair).
    • Discussion of monthly report of ERB Ethics Trainer (Stiggs).
    • Report of Executive Administrator and General Counsel (Chair).
    • Discussion of change to bylaws regarding selection process for OIG and OIPM. (See attached search steps from last search.)
  2. Continuing Business
    • Report of OIPM search committee.
  3. New Business
    • Opportunity for suggestions on future agenda topics from board, staff, and public.
  4. Adjournment (Chair).

PDF of Agenda