2022 Liaison Award Recipient Recognized

Ethics Liaisons are individuals who are trained by the Louisiana Ethics Administration and designated as ethics education liaisons, tasked with providing support for their respective agencies through employee training and awareness activities. each department and agency of the City of New Orleans is required to have a staff member designated as a liaison.

Each year, the New Orleans Ethics Review Board honors a liaison who exhibited excellence in service in supporting the mission of the Ethics Review Board to create a culture of ethics within the City of New Orleans.

Requirements for award nomination include –

  • Must be Liaison designated by the Agency (Department)
  • Designated Liaison must have completed 2-hour annual training session to maintain liaison status as defined by the State Code of Governmental Ethics. Evidence of registration for the training in 2021 will be accepted.
  • One hundred percent (100%) compliance of employees and governing Board/Commission with annual State ethics training requirement. Documentation supporting exemptions or exceptions must be provided.

The recipient of the 2022 Ethics Liaison Award


Kiesha L. Gaudin

Assistant Chief Operations Manager – Human Resources
Chief Administrative Office

(L-R) Training Coordinator Jordy Stiggs, Board Chair Holly Callia,
Honoree Kiesha L. Gaudin, Board Secretary Monique Gougisha Doucette,
Board Member Michael Cowan, Ph.D., Board Member Elizabeth Livingston de Calderon,

Board Member Pastor Tyrone G. Jefferson, Jr

Ms. Gaudin is being honored for meeting the requirements for the Liaison Award for the year 2021, while she served as the Vehicle Coordinator and Ethics Liaison for the Traffic Division of the City of New Orleans
Department of Public Works.