ERB Resolution on Proposed Ordinance Granting OIPM Additional Responsibilities

The New Orleans City Council will soon consider a proposed ordinance to grant the Office of the Independent Police Monitor the ability to conduct oversight of the New Orleans Police Department through, among other things, criminal and administrative investigations.

At its November 21, 2022, meeting, the ERB received testimony from the OIPM about the proposed ordinance and the manner in which the office’s additional responsibilities may be funded. After hearing from the OIPM, the ERB unanimously adopted the following resolution addressing the proposal:

RESOLVED, that the City of New Orleans Office of the Independent Monitor (“OIPM”) should not undertake additional investigatory responsibilities unless City Home Rule Charter section 9-404 (“Shared Funding”) is amended to provide for an annual appropriation from the General Fund operating budget that is sufficient to fund such additional responsibilities.

By letter from Executive Administrator Dane S. Ciolino dated November 23, 2022, the ERB informed the City Council about the resolution.