Quality Assurance Advisory Committee Releases Report for 2014

On April 18, 2016, the Quality Assurance Advisory Committee issued a report assessing the 2014 written work product of the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) and Office of the Independent Polict Monitor (“OIPM”). See 2016-04-18 ERB Quality Assurance Review Advisory Committee Report for 2014. The committee conducted a review of public letters and investigations, audits and reviews, follow-up reports, and inspections and evaluations. As to the OIG, the committee concluded:

Overall, our Committee believes the reports of the OIG provided a valuable service to the City of New Orleans. The written work we have reviewed meets high standards of quality. These reports have also opened up important areas for reform and debate for the citizens of New Orleans.

As to the OIPM, the committee “reached both positive and negative conclusions.” See id.