ERB Review of Ethics Standards and Procedures

At its February 29, 2016 Board meeting, the ERB announced a review of the substantive provisions of the City of New Orleans Ethics Code, the enforcement of the Code, and the Board’s rules, regulations, and administrative procedures. Section 1303 of the ERB’s rules mandate this review at least every five years to assure that the rules “promote integrity, public confidence, and participation in city government,” and to assess “whether they set forth clear and enforceable, common-sense standards of conduct.” See ERB Rules § 1303 (“Review of Board Rules”).

The Board will conduct a public hearing relating to this review process at its May 2016 or June 2016 meeting. Therefore, the Board has solicited comments from the Mayor’s Office, Council, and public. See 2016-03-10 Ciolino Letter to Mayor and City Council re ERB Review. Comments should be submitted on or before April 29, 2016.